Our next litter is planned for spring 2015. If you'd like to be considered for a puppy in the future please fill out and send in my puppy application.



Fudgey, has been adopted. She is a George x Roxy puppy whelped June 26, 2014. Her breeder is Juanita Jones, Whispering Palms Greater Swiss (davieswissy@msn.com).

Previous litter puppies:

Luna x Stevie "Irish Theme Litter" 3/16/2009 & "Boy Theme Litter" 10/21/2009

Luna x Izzy "Six Pack Theme Litter" 8/20/2010 & "Summer Theme Litter" 6/1/2011

Shillelagh x Cooper "New York Theme Litter" 12/13/2011

Shillelagh x Mingo "Storm Theme Litter" 3/25/2013

Shillelagh x Rhino "Hillstrand Theme Litter" 10/28/2013 (Pictures)

Shillelagh x Dallas "Coffee Theme Litter" 5/31/2014


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September 18, 2014

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